The floratrel Story

Thanks for being here. I’m excited to share our products and our passion for creating happier, healthier homes. Floratrel has been a labor of love and we hope you’ll love it too.

-Allie, Co-Founder

More plants. Healthier, happier homes.

Allie and Nathan are a husband-and-wife team that are driven by a shared passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. Together, they form a dynamic pair on a perpetual quest for projects that ignite their creativity, strengthen the local economy and community and encourage connection with the ones they love.

Allie often gives propagations of her plants as gifts. It’s a simple way to connect and to give a gift that keeps growing and thriving. She and her friends, even with a wide-range of personalities and interests, share a common adoration for houseplants.

The interest has only grown deeper in recent years, as they’ve navigated the pandemic era and rediscovered, or perhaps were reminded of, the importance of creating spaces that are comfortable, joyful, and healthy. Spaces for friends and loved ones to connect.

In fact, it was a conversation with a friend that sparked the idea for Floratrel. Many people don’t know that growing plants indoors has amazing benefits. They purify the air, remove toxins, release oxygen, and add humidity -- all things that support healthier living! High-quality, unique, trellises would be a great way to encourage the growth of houseplants. Plus, they’d make great go-to gifts friends.

After many more chats with friends, and a bit of research, it became clear that there is a very limited selection of great trellises for potted plants, and often the options that do exist, lack personality. They would set out to create durable, long-lasting products for house plants - products that could add art and uniqueness to a space.

So, with Allie and Nathan in pursuit of a new project, and the desire to create a product that promotes healthy homes, Floratrel was born.

Floratrel exists to nurture health and happiness in homes and communities.

Zoomed-In photo of potted trellis with Floratrel Logo

Bamboo sets us apart.

At Floratrel, we are committed to crafting high-quality, long lasting products that not only beautify your spaces but also promote health and sustainability. We understand that the materials we choose play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Floratrel products are crafted from bamboo for several reasons. Bamboo is a hardwood that possesses exceptional durability, making it the ideal choice for products that need to withstand the test of time. Its inherent strength ensures that our trellises are long-lasting, providing consistent support for your beloved houseplants, year after year.

Bamboo's resistance to moisture-related issues means our products won't swell or crack, maintaining their shape and stability without the need for polyurethane coatings. Which is imperative considering they exist in a moist, natural environment.

Bamboo is also sustainable and incredibly consistent. It replenishes rapidly and doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides to grow. The natural consistency in composition, texture, and strength, ensures that each Floratrel product is of the highest quality. By choosing bamboo, we deliver both eco-friendliness and dependable durability.

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